Everything is Peachy in Tucson

stone canyon 3Peaches are one of the official fruits of summer. Coming to ripeness in the midst of heat waves, peaches are the cool juicy treat that is the perfect balm for any hot day. In the southwest, we believe that any way to beat the heat should be lauded.

This year, celebrate peaches at Apple Annie’s 17th annual Peach Mania. The festival runs every weekend from July 16 to August 6. Begin the day with an all you can eat peach and pancakes breakfast before setting of on a wagon ride through the orchard. Find the perfect peach as an apprentice picker, and gather some fruit to take home. Once you’ve picked your peaches, enjoy the shade of the trees while you feast on a slice of homemade peach pie or a scoop of hand churned peach ice cream.

If you’d like to learn more about the versatility of peaches, explore a variety of peach-themed products, from soap to candy. Later, lunch with the Apple Annie’s at their daily cookouts, featuring burgers and fries. On July 30 & 31, the crafters of Arizona come out for a fair featuring homemade and hand-tooled wares.

Once you’ve picked your peaches, it’s time to enjoy another great summer pastime: Golf. Enjoy the best of Arizona golf with a little help from Tucson and Scottsdale Golf Vacations. Book a trip with us for the chance to play three rounds of golf on premier courses in Tucson and Scottsdale. Each package can be tailored to your skill level or course preference, let us help you find the perfect set of links to experience.

If you’d like a unique vacation experience, why not consider renting a property instead of booking a hotel room? Affordable, convenient, and with a myriad of amenities, renting a property allows you to combine all the comforts of home with all the luxuries of a hotel. At Mountain Vista Real Estate, we offer an excellent selection of properties throughout southern Arizona. All of our properties come with cable, high-speed internet, and a full kitchen, standard.

If you’d like an extra special feature in your property, such as a pool or a patio with a grill, let us know and we’ll find you the perfect place. You can also search our properties here.

Want to extend your vacation? Mountain Vista Real Estate can help! Trust us to find the best snow-bird or permanent residences throughout Arizona. We know the city and respect your budget, it’s our goal to get you your new home as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Whether you’re hoping to learn a new recipe for peach cobbler, or just want to work on hitting par, Southern Arizona is an ideal location for your next vacation.


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